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It is an initiative consisting of meetings with AIFA aimed at encouraging direct and transparent dialogue.

Patient associations, representatives of civil society, academia, pharmaceutical companies and any other stakeholder can send a motivated request for participation in the meetings, which usually take place on a monthly basis, compatibly with the institutional commitments of AIFA’s top management.

How to participate

Requests to participate in the meetings should be sent exclusively to the certified email address indicating in the subject "ARE - Open AIFA participation request".

The meetings are scheduled according to the chronological order of arrival of the requests; the date and time of the meetings are communicated to the interlocutors at least three weeks in advance.

The guests confirm their participation in agreement with the timing indicated in the convocation email by sending a preliminary agenda of the topics to be discussed and the list of participants.

Shortly before the meeting, the guests are required to send the final agenda and a short Power Point presentation or alternatively a text describing the topics to be discussed.

Each interlocutor may not participate in more than one AIFA Open day within a year to discuss issues already addressed, except in cases of justified urgency. This measure is aimed at ensuring that the greatest number of stakeholders may participate.

Please note that requests are not accepted for meetings aimed at discussing issues related to ongoing procedures at AIFA’s advisory committees (Scientific Technical Committee and/or Price and Reimbursement Committee) or under assessment at European level.

Conduct of the meetings

The meetings can be accessed only and exclusively by people on the list previously sent to AIFA, up to a maximum of 4 participants for each applicant.

The Agency’s representatives dedicate about 30 minutes to each interlocutor to discuss the topics on the agenda.

Within one week of the meeting, the participant in the event is required to send a meeting report, containing the main issues dealt with, which is submitted for AIFA’s approval and subsequently returned to the interlocutor for formal acceptance.

2019 - Calendar appointments

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