Accreditation of Attorneys

AIFA announces the update of the accreditation and revocation procedure of the attorneys and the related forms drafted in compliance with D.P.R. no. 445/2000, along with the updated accreditation model in Excel format. All interested parties are therefore invited to read the communications attached below, which provide all useful information, together with the aforementioned forms.
The certified e-mail address to send applications for accreditation, revocation and termination of the power of attoney is 

The applications must be submitted by filling in the accreditation form in Excel format and attaching the power of attorney; in case of communication of revocation or termination of the power of attorney, it will not be necessary to attach the aforementioned Excel file.
In the Excel file it will no longer be possible to indicate the expiry date and the medicinal products for which the power-of-attorney is limited; therefore such information must be reported in the power of attorney itself, otherwise it will not be taken into consideration.
We invite you to use the following format in the subject line of the certified email:


e.g.: accreditation Rossi- Alfa SpA - 0000

         revocation Verdi - Beta srl - 0001

         termination Bianchi - Gamma A/S - 0002

The applications will be processed in order of receipt and the result will be communicated through the same certified e-mail, replying to both the sender and all copied addresses.
In case of incomplete or inadequate applications and/or documentation, the appropriate integrations and/or changes will be requested through the above certified email, failing which the request will not be accepted.

Please be also advised that for any administrative clarification and/or doubt, you can refer to the following email address: