FarmaciLine – Independent Pharmaceuticals Information Centre

AIFA provides patients, healthcare professionals and the general public with an independent information service on authorized medicines, so it is possible to send written questions.


The service responds to questions on Authorized Medicinal Products, based on what is reported in the Summary of Product Characteristics and in AIFA Resolutions, specifically regarding:


  • Diseases or groups of diseases against which a medicinal product is effective
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Formulation and Composition
  • Equivalent medicines
  • Dosages
  • Warnings
  • Adverse reactions
  • Interactions with other pharmaceuticals
  • Use in pregnancy
  • Availability on the market
  • Prescribing procedures in the intra and extra hospital setting
  • Clarifications on the application of the CTS-AIFA Notes
  • Price and reimbursement



Farmaci-Line is not a health emergency number; for cases of particular need, we invite users to contact their general practitioner.


In particular, Farmaci-Line does not answer questions on clinical cases and therapeutic choices, areas of exclusive medical competence and specifically questions relating to:


  • Diagnostic, clinical problems or problems aimed at choosing a drug among those available on the market
  • Complaints
  • Any product that is not a drug for human use e.g. dietary and phytotherapeutic supplements; medical devices; medicines for veterinary use; cosmetics, galenic preparations etc.
  • Waivers
  • Procedures for marketing of medicinal products
  • Indications from specialist centres
  • Regional health measures (e.g.: ticket)
  • Drug traceability
  • Clinical trials and related activities
  • Law no. 648/96
  • Provisions and regional therapeutic plans
  • Reports of adverse reactions, which must be sent to the of Regional Pharmacovigilance in the ways complying with relevant legislation
  • Legislation concerning the pharmaceutical service and the activity of pharmacies


Toll-free number


Questions regarding drug efficacy, safety and availability

toll-free number: 800-571661



The service is open to the public every working day from 9.00 to 14.00.