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Clinical Trials - COVID-19

Clinical Trials - COVID-19

Clinical Trials - COVID-19

As part of the COVID-19 epidemiological emergency, AIFA was entrusted with the task of evaluating all clinical trials on medicines for patients with COVID-19 (Decree Law “Cura Italia” Art. 17). This section contains updated information on ongoing trials and related documents.

The studies are presented in descending order of approval (from the most recent), indicating the title of the study and the sponsor. For each trial it is possible to view and download the documents available which are always updated (including protocol, synopsis, opinion of the Ethics Committee, etc.).

It is also possible to download data in open and text format (.csv) and import them in the form of tables (with open or proprietary software) with text editors or in databases, to facilitate research and reuse.

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Date of last update : 14/06/2021

  • Study title
    A0001B (MAD0004J08) - Toscana Life Sciences Sviluppo
  • Study
    Studio clinico randomizzato, controllato verso placebo, in doppio cieco, multicentrico, adattativo di fase II-III senza soluzione di continuita per selezionare la dose e valutare la sicurezza e l'efficacia dell'anticorpo monoclonale MAD0004J08 in pazienti adulti con diagnosi recente di COVID-19 da asintomatico a moderatamente severo
  • Sponsor
    Toscana Life Sciences - Sviluppo (TLS-S)
  • Date of authorisation
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