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Medicines usable for treatment of COVID-19 disease

Medicines usable for treatment of COVID-19 disease

In this section AIFA provides updated information on medicines used outside clinical trials, such as those marketed for other indications which are made available to patients, even in the absence of a specific therapeutic indication for COVID-19, often based on rather limited scientific evidence. Precisely for the high level of uncertainty whereby these therapies are made available and considering the particular state of emergency with respect to a pandemic that we are learning to know day by day, it is deemed important to continuously update the information relating to the efficacy and safety tests which will gradually become available.

For this purpose, the Agency’s Scientific Technical Committee has prepared cards to make clear the therapeutic guidelines within which it is possible to provide for a controlled and safe use of the pharmaceuticals used in the context of this emergency. The cards clearly report evidence of efficacy and safety available as of today, the interactions and recommended methods of use in COVID-19 patients. In the same format, the medicines are listed whose use is recommended to remain within controlled clinical trials. In preparing such cards, the most updated evidence available at the time was taken into account.

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