Independent Assessment Body

AIFA, in compliance with Art. 14 of Legislative Decree 27 October 2009, no. 150, has established the Independent Body for Performance Assessment.

The Body, which has received the favorable opinion by the Department of Public Administration, is assigned the tasks and functions provided for by Legislative Decree 27 October 2009, no. 150. It carries out the strategic control activities referred to in Article 6, paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree 30 July 1999, no. 286.

This section is available pursuant to Art. 10, paragraph 8, subparagraph c of Legislative Decree 33/2013, as amended by Legislative Decree 97/2016 and in compliance with ANAC Resolution 1310/2016.

The Independent assessment body of the Italian Medicines Agency is composed as follows:

  • Sergio Basile - Chairperson
  • Laura De Rentiis - Member
  • Alberto Manfredi Selvaggi - Member

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